Data Privacy Statement

The English version of this statement is provided for your information only. The German version shall be legally binding.

Herewith you will be informed about which data will be processed when visiting this website, as well as when entering and inquiring data related to this website. In addition, we provide you with information that is necessary to ensure fair and transparent processing of personal data.

1. Responsible person

Jörn Nettingsmeier
Vice President of "Verband Deutscher Tonmeister e. V."
Tuinbouwstraat 180
1097 ZB Amsterdam, Nederland
Telefon: +49 177 7937487

2. Data processing and data storage

When visiting this website, no direct personal data is collected, processed or stored by the operator. (see point 4)

By storing your IP-address in the logfiles of the provider (see point 5) personal data can be determined. This is possible only on the basis of a corresponding court order.

3. Cookies

Cookies are small text files that are stored on your computer and assigned to a specific Domain. The contents of these text files are sent from the own device to the corresponding server each time the assigned domain (possibly also one of its subdomains) is called.

This website uses no cookies to evaluate the user behavior (no so-called web tracking). When visiting the public area of ​​this website, initially neither cookies are set by this website nor cookies by third parties.

On pages within this website that provide content from external data sources, an appropriate cookie (name: eu-cookie, value: 1) will be set after clicking on a "confirm" button. (see point 4)

If your browser is configured to allow third-party cookies, additional cookies may be set after you have clicked the "confirm" button.

4. External data sources

Some pages of this website provide media that are loaded from external data sources. The servers of these resources may be located outside Germany and the EU. As a consequence, the responsible operators are not obliged to comply with the Federal Data Protection Act of Germany (Bundesdatenschutzgesetz BDSG) or the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

For technical reasons, however, it is not possible to prevent data (for example IP address, browser data) from being transferred from this terminal to this external data source when these resources are loaded.

The extent to which the transmitted data is used or analyzed by an external operator, or associated with other data that you have, knowingly or unknowingly, transmitted to this operator outside of this website, is beyond our knowledge and responsibility.

However, this website does not establish a data connection to an external source that is not subject to the GDPR without your explicit consent.

By clicking the "Confirm" button you have the opportunity to confirm that you have read and accepted this Privacy Policy. Furthermore, you agree that a cookie (see point 3) will be set to prevent further display of the warning and to view the downloaded media.

By clicking the "Confirm" button, you further expressly agree to the transmission of your IP address, as well as other data, e.g. Information about your browser or your device, to the external source.

4.1 cards

Maps from the "OpenStreetMap" service ( are integrated on some pages of this website. The server from which the map tiles are loaded is located in Germany and is subject to the GDPR. The official contact for the "OpenStreetMap" project in Germany and the legally responsible operator of the map server is FOSSGIS e. V. ( To what extent user data through FOSSGIS e. V. are stored and processed, you can find out here:ärung/

5. Analysis, Tracking and Logfiles

No web analytics services are used. The website operator does not store any personal data in log files. The commissioned hosting provider stores IP addresses for 7 days. Conclusions on personal data are therefore possible in principle, but not without a court order. For more information, see

6. Order data processing (see GDPR sec. 28 subsec. 3)

A contract processing contract was concluded with the hosting provider in accordance with sec. 28 subsec. 3 (GDPR).

7. Links

If necessary, you will find links to websites of other providers on this website. As soon as you leave this internet presence via such a link, this data protection declaration loses its validity. We have no influence if these providers comply with the legal data protection regulations.

Last update: 22.03.2022 Questions about this privacy policy, we answer willingly and quickly by email.